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Should I take an SAT course? If so, when should I take it?

Yes. Right now!

Okay, maybe everyone doesn’t need to take one right now. However, because the SAT may be the single, most important one day event factoring into college acceptance, why would you not prepare the best you could for it?

Although a few excellent, self-study materials exist, the reality is that almost all of us do better with a coach, whether that coach is online or in person. A good coach helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and set up our own unique plan for building on those strengths and best dealing with our weaknesses. A good coach motivates us, helps us see success ahead, and keeps us going when we feel frustrated, lazy, or defeated. And a great coach sees us through to the end until we achieve our success.

What makes Astounding Score’s “coaches” different than other programs’ is that we actually help you individually plan and achieve your own goals in ways that suit you best, not through a series of two to three-hour, one-size-fits-all lectures.

In response to “When should I take an SAT course?” — this depends. What score do you want? Take a free diagnostic test and see how far you are from that score. The further you are the earlier you should start. For some this may mean to start preparing in the eight grade for your senior year.

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone should take a full SAT prep course by their freshman year. Some of the math strategies and tactics in an SAT course require previous knowledge of math concepts you may not have covered yet. A good idea for those who want to get started early is to meet with a tutor (Astounding Score has great ones) for one session to make a long term study plan.

Are you a person disciplined enough to make plans months ahead and stick to them? If so, you may be best served taking an SAT course several months – even a year or more – before the SAT to start working on strategies and tactics, augmenting vocabulary, and improving skills. Astounding Score’s in-person SAT courses allow students to focus on the subjects they need while in class (ex. a freshman may focus more on Reading and Written Expression than Math strategies).

If you truly lack self-discipline, you can still take the SAT course months ahead, but continue with a tutor, increasing session frequency until just before the SAT. As you get closer to the test, this method helps you improve, instead of regress as you might do with months of no studying. Without a tutor, then taking a 6 to 8 week SAT course with an individualized plan and differentiated instruction should increase your chance for a higher score tremendously, but not as much as if you had started earlier and kept going.


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