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Why am I so good in my Math classes and so bad on the SAT?

When a high school student takes a math test, a good student has been studying a particular set of concepts for several weeks. When you take the test, you know that the answers are going to be based on what you have just been doing. If you know your stuff, usually getting the answer is not so hard.

Midterms, finals and end-of-course tests get trickier because you are asked to look at a problem and decide which concept, formula, etc. you need to apply from earlier in the course.

The math sections on the SAT then throw problems at you that could be from anything you have ever learned in math (okay, maybe not advanced trig, statistics, or calculus). Maybe you haven’t seen a problem like this in several years and suddenly you’re asked to recognize the concept and remember how to solve it.

Maybe you’ve never seen a problem like this. Even if you aced Geometry, how often did your teacher ask you to find the area of a shaded region by requiring you to subtract one area from another? The SAT often does not test your ultimate ability to do complex math, but rather your ability to figure out how to solve an unusual problem.

Astounding Score teaches you to quickly recognize the different types of problems in the Math sections, how to approach them, and what formulas, tactics or tricks you should use to solve them. We teach you how to get smart and conquer the math sections, even if math is not your best subject!


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